Pinup Doll Australia

Pinup Doll Australia is a national pinup competition that was created in order to be accessible to any pinup girl. It is run by pinups, for pinups.

Breaking stereotypes
Pinup Doll Australia is a non-profit organisation run by women for women, built on a foundation of inclusion and continues to be a celebration of diversity. Our contestants and titleholders have the opportunity to grow as women and be confident in any goal they choose to pursue. While we are a competition, the women who participate also learn to help one another and create a network of friends and colleagues on which to draw support.

Providing a national and international platform
The ladies behind Pinup Doll Australia 2018 have many collective years of experience in the pinup industry, and as such our network is far-reaching. The winner of Pinup Doll Australia 2018 has the option of being Australia's representative at Miss Pinup International in London in 2019. Please note that you will be required to pay for your own airfare and accommodation.

Giving back
Pinup Doll Australia places priority on the importance of getting involved and giving back. As leaders and role models within their communities, our contestants and titleholders work to affect positive change through volunteering, fundraising and advocacy.

Throughout the length of the competition, our entrants are given the tools to personally and professionally enrich others by dedicating themselves to raising awareness and much needed funds for philanthropic endeavors.